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And now.. a little about us!

S&C Collectables was founded in 1998. We specialize in Nascar memorabilia and other collectibles.

This is where die-hard fans get their diecast cars!

At S&C Collectables, we have a boundless passion for all things racing.  Whether it is Nascar, NHRA, Nascar Truck series, we love the races, drivers and fans.  

The "S" and "C" in S&C Collectables stands for Steve and Cindy!

Starting as just fans that enjoy the races, it wasn't until Earnie Irvan sat down behind the wheel of the Nascar #36 M&M car that Steve started his obsession..


Steve's personal collection started with eating the M&Ms during the races, collecting the toppers, moved on to diecast cars, then moved to other NASCAR and NHRA cars.  It was not long before his love for all things racing grew into S&C Collectables. 

Almost 20 years have passed since S&C Collectables began selling world wide.  Looks like there are a lot more laps in this race folks!

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